Summer Adventure

Welcome to Wichita Christian’s Summer Adventure 2020

Join us for an adventure this summer as we provide a loving, safe, spiritual and educational environment for children ages 2 years through 5th Grade. Our summer program provides structured and educational activities to keep minds sharp during the summer months, along with plenty of time for fun, free play and field trips.

SESSION 1 June 1st-June 26th

SESSION 2 July 6th-July 31st

CLOSED June 29th-July 3rd


To register for Summer Adventure a registration form must be filled out for each child attending and copies of Birth Certificate, Shot Record and Statement of Health signed by a physician all must be turned in with registration fee to the Wichita Christian School business office located at 4729 Neta Ln.

Registration fee - $150

*Preschool students that attended 2019-2020 school year will not be required to turn in additional copies of Birth Certificate, Shot Record and Statement of Health unless notified by the office.


5 days per week  --- $700

4 days per week (M-TH or T-Fri.) --- $600

3 days per week (M, W, F) --- $460

*Days may not be switched- most field trips are prepaid and all lunches will be scheduled in advance.*

Weekly Options are available for 2nd-5th grade only --- $200 per week.

2020 Summer Adventure Registration Form


We are aware that our Summer Adventure Program could possibly be impacted by additional COVID-19 guidelines. At this time we are preparing for both outcomes.

If COVID-19 guidelines impact our Summer Adventure Program we will open to essential families who have ALL caregivers working in essential services. Essential service employees include, but are not limited to, doctors, nurses, first responders, grocers, food service employees, and others. As changes are made to Wichita County declaration of disaster, our guidelines will be amended to follow any changes made to the Wichita County declaration of disaster.

In the event that we must follow COVID-19 guidelines-

 -- An Essential Employee Authorization letter for both parents/guardians will need to be submitted with registration form.

--Acceptance into the program will be based on the earliest registrations submitted to the office until we reach our capacity.

--Program guidelines for COVID-19 will be posted in the event that they are needed.

**In the event that our Summer Adventure Program begins with COVID-19 restrictions and then are lifted, we will open fully to families that have registered but were unable to attend due to restrictions.**

If your family would like to participate in our Summer Adventure Program, it is best to submit your child(ren)'s registration form,registration fee and if applicable, an Essential Employee Authorization letter,as soon as possible!

To hold your child(ren)’s spot, a registration fee of $150 must be paid.

--Registration will be refunded if your child(ren) is prevented from attending due to government restrictions such as not meeting essential worker guidelines.

We promise to keep all families updated with any changes as best as we are able. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ms. Margaret or Ms. Brianna by email or phone.

We are very hopeful to have a much needed fun filled summer!

HOURS — Summer Program hours are 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., you may choose your hours but be mindful of field trip hours. Children that stay after 3 p.m. will need to bring an afternoon snack for that day, or you may supply a snack box (shoe box size) filled with plenty of snacks.

LUNCHES -- SUMMER ADVENTURE will be serving hot lunches! Lunch calendar and additional information will be provided at a later date.

FIELD TRIPS---Your child will receive an Summer T-Shirt that MUST BE WORN ON ALL FIELD TRIPS. Some field trips will require early departure from the campus, we are unable to wait past our departure time.  All activities could change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. Children that can attend off campus field trips(4's class-5th grade)   

Summer (Tie Dye) FIELD TRIP T-SHIRTS--- Summer T-Shirts are worn for your child’s safety so that Teachers and Staff are able to see the children better. If your child does not have an Summer shirt on for field trip, your child will borrow an Summer t-shirt & a $3 cleaning fee will be charged.You may purchase extra shirts in office. You may also leave an Summer shirt at school as a backup.

SUPPLIES —  See Supply List- supplies can be used from this school year, it is not necessary to get brand new items. Please make sure that ALL items are labeled with your child’s name, including water bottles and all swimming bag supplies.  

If you have any other Summer Program questions, please contact WCS at (940) 687-0298.


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