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WCS believes that healthy students make better learners. Value is placed in the health and well being of each student and staff member. Below are some standards that are followed at WCS. Websites are provided in some sections for additional information.


To comply with the Texas Education Code Section 2.09, students must present a valid record from a physician or health clinic for the following immunizations:


Grades K-12:

All students are required to present a current immunization record upon enrollment to WCS.  Students must keep an up-to-date record and will be notified if immunizations are non-compliant.  Please submit all records to the school nurse.  An affidavit for exemption from immunizations can be provided in place of an immunization record.  Failure to comply with requested immunizations/affidavit request will result in exclusion from school.

Frequently asked questions and instructions for requesting an affidavit can be found at:

• In the event a student becomes ill or injured during school hours, the parent will be contacted.  All students will check out through the office.

• If you receive a call from the office that your child is sick or injured, please pick him/her up immediately.  If no response is received within 30 minutes, the school will call the emergency contact listed on the child’s registration form.

• A student that has experienced vomiting, diarrhea or fever must be asymptomatic for a period of 24 hours before returning to school.

• Parents are responsible for any costs involved in a 911 call.

Use the following guidelines in determining when to keep a student home from school due to illness.

1. Fever Student will not be allowed to attend school if temperature is 100.0 degrees F orally or higher.  Do not give student any fever reducing medicine and send them on to school.  This practice only reduces the fever for a short time and does not take care of the illness that is causing the fever.  Also, coming to school sick can delay your child’s healing time.

2. Uncontrolled Vomiting/Diarrhea – if vomiting or diarrhea occurs more than once in 24 hours, you must keep student home.

3. Skin rashes – if the rash has any fluid or pus coming from it, student must remain out of school until the rash is gone,(dried or scabbed over with no new spots appearing) or provide a physician note stating student may return to school.  

4. Red eyes, especially if there is also drainage or crusting around the eyes – If the eye/eyes are red with colored drainage present and there is crusting, student must receive treatment or provide a physician note stating student may return to school.


Under the guidelines for the Texas Department of Health, the school nurse will conduct screenings for vision and hearing for students in the 4 year old class, K, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and all students new to the state of Texas. Spinal screenings will be conducted by the school nurse for students in the 6th and 9th grades. Parents will be notified by written communication of any abnormal screening results. Results of any follow-up care, related to vision/hearing/spinal screenings, should be sent to the nurse to update the student school health record.

Medications Given At School

The only medication that may be given at WCS is that which is necessary to enable the student to remain in school.  If possible, all medication should be given outside of school hours.  Three times a day medications can be given before school, after school and at bedtime.  If necessary, medication can be given at school under the following conditions:

1. Medications must be in original, properly labeled containers.  Medications sent in unlabeled containers will not be given.

2. Prescription medications will not be given without a specific written request signed by the parent/guardian and physician/licensed prescriber.  The Prescription Medication Authorization Form is available in the school office or download directly below:


Non-Prescription Medication Authorization Form
Prescription Medication Authorization Form

3. These over the counter medications-Tylenol/Acetaminophen, Motrin/Advil/Ibuprofen, Tums, and cough drops are available at school and can be given with parent/guardian written permission.

This parent permission form, the Over The Counter Medication Authorization Form is available in the school office or download directly below. All other non-prescription (OTC) Medications brought by a parent to school should use this permission form:  OTC Medications (provided by parent) Authorization Form.  Available in office or download directly below:


FAST Parent User GuideOver The Counter Medication Authorization FormOTC Medications (provided by parent) Authorization Form

4. Medications may be given by a staff member designated by the principal and trained by the school nurse.

5. Medications will not be accepted from a student.  The parent/guardian or an adult designated by the parent/guardian must deliver medications to the school office/clinic.   Medications will not be sent home with a student.  The parent/guardian or designated adult must pick up medications from the school office/clinic.

6. Herbal medications, dietary supplements and other nutritional aids not approved as medication by the FDA may not be administered at school.

Disclaimer: Although we exercise due caution in adding links to the Wichita Christian School Health Services Website, the resources that can be accessed with these links connect to sources that are not maintained by WCS.  WCS is not responsible for the contents of any such resources, nor is the existence of a link to be construed as an endorsement by WCS.

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Inspiring Hearts, Minds and Souls. Enroll Now!

Wichita Christian School is an investment that will benefit your child for a lifetime.

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