Spring Concert

May 9, 2019
Wichita Theater
6 PM

The kids have been hard at work preparing for this, and I am excited to help them put on a great show for you.

Concert attire

Elementary students should wear nice clothing.  Jackets, ties, and dresses are not mandatory, but looking very nice for a performance is appropriate. Clothing must meet school dress code requirements, but color choice and style are up to your discretion. My main concern is not causing the kids to be too uncomfortable to perform.

JH and HS band members are to wear full concert black.


Due to a large number of parents asking for us to go to a reserved ticket system for our large concerts (saving them from having to be at the venue over an hour early to save seat) and the positive feedback we have had by using the Wichita Theatre, there will be a few changes this year. We have decided to use a ticket system, which will both allow for reserving seats, and ensure we have the funds to continue using the theater for our shows.

To help pay for the use of the entire Theatre venue, the ticketing system and all the technical equipment for two full days, we will be selling tickets for this event. The tickets will be the following:

Platinum Seating - $10            Gold Seating - $5        Silver Seating $3   Balcony  $0  (please limit yourself to a maximum of 4 balcony seats)

This will help to pay for all the venue costs and other costs endured from setup and equipment needs. Any remaining fund will go directly to support the needs of the Fine Arts programs for instrument and music purchases, competition travel and other program needs.

Please be aware that all tickets are reserved. You may go to the website www.usashowtickets.com to reserve your seats. Simply find the Wichita Christian Fine Arts logo, and you will be directed to our event.

Thank you for all of the support you give the music program at WCS. I am proud of every student here, from the little kids just learning to sing and play to my HS kids who just took a State Championship for band.  I am truly blessed to be teaching in such an amazing school with amazing families.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Adam Lynskey