Junior High

Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of Wichita Christian Junior High. It is our prayer that each student will have a personal relationship with Jesus and grow spiritually in every area of life to be used by God for His honor and glory.

The faculty of the Junior High provides curriculum and programs that are academically rigorous. Teachers guide students to discover their own potential. They learn how to make connections with the information they have mastered in an environment that fosters self-discipline. Education is the process of discovering and applying truth to one’s life. Our teachers create lessons and assignments that lead students to deeper understandings of the world around them. The educational process at Wichita Christian School provides opportunities for students to develop their God-given abilities and interests in ways which can serve Him.

Our elective program encourages Junior High students to experience a wide variety of classes. This gives students the ability to gain knowledge and understanding in all areas of learning. We believe that learning must extend into the fine arts, physical education, and extracurricular activities. Wichita Christian considers the Bible as the basis for all truth; therefore, teachers integrate Biblical principles into each subject area. Also, each grade level attends a separate Bible class everyday. Weekly chapels provide opportunities for all students to reinforce scriptural principles and praise the Lord in the midst of a busy week.

Junior High students have many opportunities to develop leadership skills through Student Council, Athletics, and National Junior Honor Society. Most importantly, students have opportunities to develop and grow spiritually through our weekly chapel services, community outreach programs, and intensive Bible studies. Because we have a small environment, students are able to develop meaningful relationships with peers and teachers.


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